No Cheese Please

Ok, I don’t have a photo at the moment, but that will be added when one becomes available. As promised, here is the first (overdue) of the long awaited team interviews. It is with great pleasure, I introduce you to Caitlin (she stands at the front a lot)…


Caitlin McKenzie

Age/Date of Birth

young enough to still like candy floss and bubbles, old enough to know they don’t always make things better.


Primary Teacher with a P1/P2 class

Family Status

Yes, I have a family. (and my favourite members of that family have four legs and whiskers and say miaow.)

Favourite Bible passage

I love all of James as it is so straight forward and practical.

Length of time involved in Powerpoint

I went to City Lights (predecessor of Power point) as a teenager, had many years off when I was down south and then got involved again in 2004

Role in Powerpoint

Currently I co-present with Nick and try to maintain contact with all the fabby stewards

Why and how did you get involved in Powerpoint?

Initially I got involved through my previous job with SU. Now I’m involved because I get excited about seeing God work and love being a part of what He is doing. Plus, I grow closer to God each month as He answers our prayers and speaks through so many different people. It is an amazing privilege to serve God in a way that is so much fun and incredibly humbling to watch God work despite my rubbish-ness.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Falling down the stairs at school and splitting my skirt all the way to the top…

If you could highlight one memorable moment from Powerpoint in your time involved, what would it be?

Looking down from the balcony one night at the sight of hundreds of young people worshipping God and realising that they had all chosen to come and praise God rather than sit chatting on line/going partying/whatever… and realising that I was seeing a glimpse of Heaven.

What interesting hobbies, talents or skills do you have that the Powerpoint community will not have been privy to?

I have a uni-cycle! I can also do this weird thing with my arms wrapped around my head… Oh! O jag talar Svenska

What would you most like to do before you die?

Be a mum

What’s your greatest achievement?

Winning the election to be President of the Students Union at University

If you were an object, what would you be and why?

A bubble! What freedom! Or one of those apples that look really juicy and healthy but actually is just wooden or plastic and doesn’t do anything at all but still looks yummy and healthy.

What’s your biggest fear?

Horses. (I must have a word with God about that one..)

Favourite movie?

The Princess Bride (which, if you’ve not seen it, IS NOT a girly film ok!)

Favourite cheese?

Cheese? Yuk!

Don’t interrupt me when…

I’m sleeping ( need ten hours a night)

Please interrupt me when….

I’m thinking I really ought to do the ironing

Favourite place you have ever visited?



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