Because the Others Won’t Answer

Time to meet the “worship leader”…


Neil, but call me Neebs (or Neil, whichever you are more comfortable with)

Age/Date of Birth

I’m 25, is that old? I guess age is relative, so I’ll say, NO…


Senior Research Executive at a business and social research agency, specialising in financial services, tourism and education… any clearer???

Family Status

Milk with no sugar

Favourite Bible passage

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free

Length of time involved in Powerpoint

I have been doing it for 4 years now (I think)… 07/08 will be my fifth…

Role in Powerpoint

“Worship leader” I believe is the term we use these days. It’s one I struggle with as I feel that the Holy Spirit is the worship leader of Powerpoint; but hey, it’s all semantics and let’s be honest, everyone knows what I mean I think. Also, worship facilitator doesn’t have the same ring to it. Some people use the term “lead worshipper”, to be honest I think this is just as bad. But what do I know?

Why and how did you get involved in Powerpoint?

My good lady wife, before taking up that role, signed me up as the drummer; the first month there I played bass and then I continued to play bass for two years. Someone else was supposed to do my role but pulled out at the last minute and so I got thrown in at the deep end. It’s been a great journey and I absolutely love it.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

It’s a long story… a very long story… a very long embarrassing story; but basically it goes like this…
(***some text missing***) but apparently they didn’t mind too much as it didn’t belong to them

If you could highlight one memorable moment from Powerpoint in your time involved, what would it be?

Well, there are two. The first is my first time leading worship when I was so nervous, felt better after the first song and then was terrified again as I realised people expected me to say something…. The other was in either March or April this year (I forget which) and we were singing a particular song – looking out, seeing so many people worshipping God was immensley humbling; I felt my knees starting to give in as I became desperate to bow, knowing I was in the presence of the Lord.

Oh, but then again, the glow sticks at Christmas were good; it’s just a shame I’m not keen on Carols…

What interesting hobbies, talents or skills do you have that the Powerpoint community will not have been privy to?

The sheer magnitude of trivia I hold within my head is exemplary; did you know that Tom Selleck was originally cast to play Indiana Jones? Do you know who Tom Selleck is? I do… Also, here’s one for you; the average chocolate bar has 8 insects’ legs in it. Also, Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants… I could go on…

What would you most like to do before you die?


If you were an object, what would you be and why?

Money… because it’s nice to feel wanted

What’s your biggest fear?

Failure… well that and being trapped in a small cylindrical tower with no food and only an evil monkey with a penchant for throwing half eaten nuts at me for company

Favourite movie?

The Big Lebowski (Hiiiiioooooooooooooo)

Favourite cheese?

Appelwood smoked…. mmmmmmmmmmm

Don’t interrupt me when…

shhhhhhhhh, I’m thinking

Please interrupt me when….

I’m on my own… I get so lonely (and bored)

Favourite place you have ever visited?

Guyaquil, Ecuador


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