And Tomorrow We Worship…


What’s the best thing anyone ever told you? I like what you’re wearing today Susan…? My that’s lovely mascara you’ve got on Gary…? Cracking pair of ears you’ve got there Steven…? For some of us, it’s tricky to remember exactly the best thing is. Not for me; does this sound familiar…

You are ‘holy, chosen and dearly loved’ – God!

We are all children of God; Holy, chosen and dearly loved; that includes you – each as much as the next! Is that not amazing???!!! There’s surely nothing better! If you don’t believe me, check out Colossians 3:12. In view of this, if you come tomorrow, have that thought in your head; you are holy, chosen and dearly loved, did I mention that already? Holy, chosen and dearly loved… But Colossians was last year’s book for study…

This year is Romans; and this month is Romans 5: 1-11, the Power of “Therefore”. It’s going to be a great night THEREFORE, you will experience the Holy Spirit at work; THEREFORE you will rejoice; THEREFORE you will feel holy chosen and dearly loved…

Ok, none of that is guaranteed and a lot depends on you and how you react to what is happening and what is going on around you; but the evening has been prepared with YOU in mind.

In your prayers, please remember Gareth (guitarist) and Caitlin (Caitlin) who are both suffering pretty badly with the cold. Both will be soldiering through the pain and sniffles to facilitate your enjoyment and aid your meeting with the Lord…

See you tomorrow….???? I know Anderoooooo and Kels are coming; surely it won’t just be the three of us????



1 Response to “And Tomorrow We Worship…”

  1. January 11, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Boy, this was a fun night, really powerful everyone worshipping, though, may be in bad taste, my Youth Leader and I, upon observing all the hands up straight, mused that if a deaf person stumbled in, he may panic, thinking that we’re Neo-Nazi’s, but it was in good taste.

    Also, I got an air-freshener 😀 Caitlin let me have one for helping fold the green chairs, which was no extra effort for me, I usually do it after most services at St. T’s anyway lol 🙂 Hope everyone else had a good time

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