Commitment: Low

Hello there.

You’ll have noticed that I have not been updating the PP blog much of late; this is really due to two things, both of which are laziness. You have my ‘humble’ apologies.

How good was Powerpoint in March? The answer is “very”. Clive Parnell spoke clearly and effectively, so that everyone present could not escape the clear message that we must go… There was an amazing atmosphere last month and this month promises to be no different. Indeed, Powerpoint April is next week! Can you believe it? We’ll be talking about the Power of Sacrifice – hmmm that sounds intriguing. How likely is it that we will see you there?

Anyways, I have been asked to outline whatever the song list was from March. Truth be told, I can’t really remember the whole lot and there were a lot of songs we didn’t end up playing due to running 40 mins over time. But in the end, it worked perfectly and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world… would you?

So here is what I can remember…

Wonderful, so Wonderful (Beautiful One) (D)
We Stand And Lift Up Our Hands (Holy is the Lord) (A)
Hallelujah (Angus Dei) (A)
God of Justice (We Must Go) (E)

What Good is It (Living for Your Glory) (E)

Light of the World (Here I Am to Worship) (E)
I Can Only Imagine (E) – chorus
Holy Holy Holy (Lift Up His Name) (E) – chorus

I think we may have finished with Happy Day too…

Anyways, so there it is. Who knows what this month with hold? I do… to a certain extent.

Remember, Powerpoint is on 11th April… that’s next Friday… that’s 7 days away! Hiooooooooooooooo


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