The Power of a Month Off

Hello all, it’s “Powerpoint” here… how are you?

It’s been a wee while since anything read-worthy was posted here; you might argue something “read-worthy” is yet to be posted here. That being the case, this will be no exception! Powerpoint April has been and gone and it was a good’un I’m sure you will agree. Sacrifical Living and Sacrificial Giving you say?!

ON the second note, you may remember we took a collection and also said we would use the money taken at the door, double it and make a donation to the Dalit community in India. These guys are the untouchables in India, treated as less than animals and despised by those around them, yet there are millions of them. Well, we managed to raise an incredible £1500 all-in! So thanks to you guys for being so generous and let’s not let the support stop there. Check out this link http://www.uk.om.org/html/pr_indiaappeal.html and continue to support this worthy cause and movement through prayer and – if you feel called and able – through giving. Together, we really can make a difference.

So May will be Power Pointless… or Powerpoint-less is maybe a better way to look at it. We’ll miss you guys, but you will be ensconced in the midst of exams and won’t have time for people like us. SO, work hard and we will be praying for all of you with (important) exams. Then, come back, feeling refreshed, recharged, revitalised and let’s make June Powerpoint the best ever… or at least good! It’s entitled The Point of Power and Dave Richards from Ps and Gs (St Paul’s and ST George’s) will be speaking… now there’s an exciting prospect!

We really hope you have been enjoying Powerpoint this year, it was great to see some old faces last month who we’ve not seen for a while (yes, we do notice). Please feel free to keep giving us feedback on where we are going wrong and where we are going right. You can do that here on this blog (by leaving a comment), or by emailing info@powerpointedinburgh.co.uk OR (if you’re a member), on the “unofficial” Powerpoint Bebo group (there’s a link at the side of this page) – join up, feedback and never look down.

That’s got to be enough from me…




1 Response to “The Power of a Month Off”

  1. 1 Melanie A
    April 28, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    woo! 😀

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