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Friday 24th September Set List

Hi folks

We don’t use this often because the yoof of today seem to prefer micro blogging – hence the use of the Facebook and Twitter sites more often. I think it’s to do with having short attention sp….

Anyways, where was I…

We have had a couple of requests to share the setlists from Friday night, os here they are in all their glory (based on memory).

Jesus Saves (Tim Hughes, Nick Herbert)
Happy Day (Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon)
Dancing Generation (Matt Redman)
Our God Saves (Paul Baloche)
Remain (Ben Cantelon)
Refain from Beautiful One

Living For Your Glory (Tim & Rachel Hughes)
God of Justice (Tim Hughes)

You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)
You Alone Can Rescue (Matt Reman)
How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine)

Where would we be without Messrs Hughes and Redman?

We also cut a few which we considered doing and I think did one or two which we hadn’t planned…

Songs we recommend would be:

Saviour of the World (Ben Cantelon)
Awakening (Chris Tomlin)
Beautiful Exchance (Hillsong)

*SEE YOU ALL ON 12TH NOVEMBER AT DESTINY CHURCH, EDINBURGH* – We are delighted to have Ian Henderson from the Message Trust in Manchester speaking on the topic “relevant”. We’re also really excited to have Thomas Dean, Worship Pastor at Morningside Baptist Church leading us in worship.



‘Built to Love’ Setlist

For those who would like to know the names of the songs from ‘Built to love’:

This is how I know (Because of your love)
You were God from the outset (Run)
Here is Love (No Love is Higher)
We Bow Our Hearts (Adoration)
You alone are worthy (Glory in the Highest)
Faithful One
How He Loves

There is power in the name (Lift Up His Name)
God of Justice (We Must Go)
God in my living (Everything)
Even though I walk (You Never Let Go)
Hope is here (Jesus Saves)


Check out for info and updates…


Youth Leader’s Night

Dear all

We want to see all youth leaders in this city and beyond at our youth leaders’ evening when we will be discussing the event and the vision for next year. If you are a youth leader, please let me know if you would like to come (email: or if you are not a youth leader… let your youth leader know about this!

The evening will be held at Morningside Baptist Church on Morningisde Road (EH10 4DB) from 7.30pm till 9.30pm and there will be light refreshements served.



Calling All Youth Leaders

Hi everyone…

Are you a youth leader? Do you know any? If you answered yes to either of the aforementioned questions, then listen closely…

Monday 3rd May, 2010, we are having another Youth Leaders’ Powerpoint evening. This is an opportunity to review the recent events, engage with the Vision and Values of Powerpoint and to look ahead to the 2010/11 school year. We’re really excited about the vision for next year and would really value the input of youth pastors / leaders / helpers. The evening will kick off with some food and chat around 7.30pm and we will be fininshed before 10pm.

Please email you would like to come or like more information

Venue will be confirmed next week.


PS Whilst you’re here, check out some of the highlights from our last event…


Friday ‘Chosen’ SetList

Hi folks – a few of you have been in touch to post the set list we did on Friday night at Powerpoint. So here it is (from memory)

Give Us Your Courage (A) – Tim Hughes
Mighty to Save (A) – Reuben Morgan
The Stand (A) – Joel Houston
Hosanna (E) – Brooke Fraser
This is our God (E) – Reuben Morgan
I love the King (Tag) – Tim Hughes

Lift Up His Name* (F) – Robert Moles

Holding Nothing Back (B) – Tim Hughes
Everlasting God (B) – Brenton Brown
How He Loves (B) – J M McMillan (in 4/4)
When I Survey (G) – Isaac Watts

Check out for all info, pics and media. Woop!

* This song was written by our electric guitarist, Robert and unfortunately we don’t have a recording (yet) which we can share with you… but we promise to keep singing it at Powerpoint


Powerpoint – Friday 19th March

Hi folks

Only 8 more sleeps until the second Powerpoint of this new season… has it been 6 weeks already?!

We’re really excited by what’s going to happen; Kevin McGlade from 29th Chapter will be speaking on the subject “Chosen”. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Woop”.

Remember we are at Ps and Gs church, York Place Edinburgh, kicking off at 7.30pm. The event finishes at 10pm, when we have After Hours for S5 and S6 until 11.30pm.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you there and then.

Neil is where all the information is at.



So there you have it, in the words of Pete Greig, “it looks as though Powerpoint is well and truly relaunched”. Approximately 600 people rammed into the building and sent up a shout of COME ON!!!! to Almighty God – wow!

Folks, this is just the beginning, tomorrow we turn our attention as a team to our next event, “Chosen” on Friday, 19th March kicking off at 7.30pm and finishing at 10pm (After Hours for S5 and S6s runs between 10pm and 11.30pm). This time, we’re at Ps and Gs Church, on York Place – we look forward to seeing you there.

Who’s speaking this time? Kevin McGlade from 29th Chapter will be speaking. Kev spoke in October 2008 and people are still talking about it, so we look forward to him sharing with us again and seeing more lives changed.

See you there… just remember the following:

Friday 19th March

7.30pm – 10pm (11.30pm for After Hours)

Kevin McGlade…


I’m off to watch the Superbowl…. good night

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