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Friday 12th June… At Destiny Church

Dear all

Hope those exams are going well and you’re all not too stressed out. Still every cloud has a silver lining apparently and the silver lining of exam season is June’s edition of Powerpoint – it’s the last one of the school year and there’ll be a big break before the next one, so do please come along.

This month, we are at Destiny Church, Gorgie Road Edinburgh. It’s in the recently refurbished old Cinema/Bingo hall on Gorgie Road and is an incredible building – come along and check it out. 7.30pm – 10pm, £2 entry.


Check this out…

See you there?



April Powerpoint – 24th April

Hi all

The next Powerpoint is April 24th at the usual time at the usual place… Hioooooooooooo


Powerpoint – This Friday

Hi guys

We hope you’re well. How does the time pass so quickly? Powerpoint March is this Friday night (13th)… see you there…?

It should be a good ‘un. Ian Lancaster from Christians in Sport will be speaking and God will be leading the evening. Look forward to an annoucement about our June event.




Hi all,

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to feedback on what’s been going on at Powerpoint this year. We’re in the process of discussing what we can do for the event to freshen it up a bit and to ensure that it’s effectiveness is as strong as possible. The reason for this is that we want to see maximum glory for God, we want to see the lives of young people being changed forever and we want to be a source of encouragement and support to the local church… not a substitute.

You guys are what makes Powerpoint special and we want to see as many young people in Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond blessed by this awesome ministry.

We were sorry this month to announce that Nick “Grizzly” Blair will be stepping down from Powerpoint after blessing the event for so many years (11 we think, but even he doesn’t know). So we have 3 more events remaining this school year and let’s make ’em good ones!

Please do let us know what you think, what would improve the event and what you would like to see Powerpoint becoming.

Hold onto your hats for some exciting news in March…




Nice One

You guys were in fine voice tonight and all we on the team can say, is “thank you”.

I think it’s important that we say that as you are the people who make the event what it is; brilliant… and it will continue to get better.

Once again, congratulations to Nick Blair whose wife gave birth today to a beautiful, bouncing, baby boy… 8lbs 10oz (whatever that means). Name to be confirmed… but all bets are on “Juan Pablo”…



Powerpoint is this Friday – 13th February

Greetings to all and sundry

If you’re reading this it’s because you love Powerpoint, or because you write lots of presentations… in the case of the latter, please stop reading now and go to MS website – it’ll be more help.

Right, that’s got rid of the others, now to talk about God’s youth event in Edinburgh. I hope you all enjoyed your month off and that you prayed with gusto for each other, Powerpoint and greater things to happen in the city of Edinburgh. We’re looking forward to this weekend, it should be a great event. Rather than a usual talk, we’re having a panel approach to the subject of God in My… Relationships – this should give a male and female perspective as well as some thoughts. It’ll also give you the opportunity to ask whatever you like about the subject.

The evening kicks off 7.30pm at St Thomas’ – please come, please bring your friends, please be ready and willing to worship…

Any questions? Good



Friday 13th February… POWERPOINT

Dear Friends of Powerpoint,

Anyone who has been there will hopefully agree, we’ve had a great season this school year at Powerpoint. We’ve had some incredible speakers and been really blessed with some challenging messages, moving worship and bizarre games…

This month, continuing along the lines of trying to do something different, we have a panel of speakers rather than just one and we will be encouraging a “questions from the floor” approach. The subject is God in My… Relationships (well it is Valentine’s Season) and our view on this is that every youth group in the world has tackled this issue a hundred times, so we thought that perhaps getting a discussion going would be a good way to do it. We have guys and girls on the panel to provide a “balanced” view of things. Please come with questions to ask and encourage your youth groups to think of questions they would like to ask.

If it is your discipline, we would ask that you would pray for the event as the final preparations are made, that God would continue to bless it and that we as the leadership team would continue to listen!

The event will take place at St. Thomas’ Church on the Glasgow Road Edinburgh, 7.30pm – 10pm on Friday 13th February and entry is just £2. If you are a youth leader, please do consider bringing your youth group along.

It would be great if you would forward this email on to anyone you come into contact with who may be interested in bringing a youth group to the event. Your continued support to Powerpoint is valued and we really hope to see you there on the 13th. If you would like any more information about the event, please check our website or feel free to contact SU Scotland on 0131 445 4125 or you can email the team at We welcome all feedback on the event, so feel free to get in touch with us about that too!

Check out for a short clip of what happens at your “average” Powerpoint.

Many thanks and God bless…

Neil (on behalf of the Powerpoint team)

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